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We are all conscious about cleaning our homes. We clean surfaces, windows, bathrooms, all the elements of the house that we use often. Like it or not, rugs and carpets need cleaning, too. Many use rugs and carpets all the time and dirt are absorbed into the day in, day out. We sit on our chairs every day and enjoy our downtime. Upholstery gets dirty too. Those crisps we munched on while watching TV – crumbs get stuck in the nooks and crannies of our upholstery. We focus on cleaning our windows, inside and sometimes, out. How often do we bother to clean our drapes? This article is not meant to shame you about your cleanliness, not aiming to force you to rush to the phone and arrange a major deep clean. There will be solutions and choices about how to clean those neglected household items.



Rugs are beautiful. One brings rugs for decorative effect as well as practicality. Rugs are trodden on. In-house, sometimes rugs are lain on. They get dirty. So, what is the way to clean a rug? Professional rug cleaners are on hand to help. They understand the materials in the rug, and how to clean the rug without causing damage. The most popular method of rug cleaning is hot water extraction. This method removes dirt and restores colors, as well as providing a more, how shall I put it? Another option is to have your rug immersed in treated water.  One can extract 100 grams of dirt and grime from one square meter of a rug. Another benefit of having a rug cleaned is that one can restore a flattened pile.  If you have asthma, an anti-allergen treatment is available.



Carpets are hard-working pieces of ‘furniture.’ They are used continuously and are prone to dirt and stains. One can use carpet cleaning services to remove the grime that gets embedded in our under-foot friends. Carpets attract dust, pollen and cigarette smoke and it stays embedded in the fibers. It is advisable to employ a carpet cleaning service and worth spending a little more money for fabulous results. If your carpets are cleaned efficiently by a carpet cleaning service, years will be added to your carpets life.


Carpet cleaning services use sophisticated machinery. It is not your standard or garden vacuum cleaner. The equipment used can get to the very base of your carpet. Carpet cleaning services have experience in getting your carpet back to its glowing best. Carpet cleaning services are conscious of environmental issues and use eco-friendly solutions with short drying times.


 A slip from a wine glass, a drip from a cup of coffee or a square of chocolate dropped by a child. All these can stain our carpets. A professional carpet cleaning service has the perfect remedy for stains. One recommends that any stain is dealt with as soon as possible, but in the real world, that may mean several months down the line. While a carpet cleaning service cannot guarantee that they can remove the stain, they will do their very best. Professional carpet cleaning services offer a stain protector for carpets as well. It involves coating your carpet with a substance that repels future stains. 


What does a carpet cleaning service do when they visit you? They arrive at your home with a van full of equipment tools and solutions. Carpet cleaning services keep up to date with technology in the field, and love to claim their solution does what no rival can offer. Carpets are made of many materials including wool, linen, suede, cotton, plush, chenille and many more.  Carpet cleaning services will provide the service that cleans your carpet safely and effectively.


The first step for the carpet cleaning service is to vacuum your carpet. Specialists recommend doing this once a day!  Then they do a spot test on an inconspicuous patch of carpet to check the cleaning solution does not react with your carpet.  Apparent stains are removed with specialized treatments. Then the carpet cleaning service begins cleaning your carpet. Most carpets can cope with a water-based deep clean. Rinsing the carpets with boiling water. Carpet cleaning services remove around 95% of the moisture, so drying time is a couple of hours. Delicate carpets are dry cleaned.

To finish off, the carpet cleaning service may deodorize your carpet and treat it with a stain repellent.



One often neglects drapes in their cleaning regime. They hang there looking lovely, until one day we draw the drapes and the pattern doesn’t seem quite so fresh. Time to call in the drapery cleaning services. Drapes can be cleaned on-site, which means minimal disruption. Drapery cleaning services can clean tiebacks, pelmets, and drape lining as well.

If you’ve chosen your drapery cleaning service, it’s useful to ask what the procedure involves.  It differs from company to company, but here is a rough guide as to what to expect.

Some drapery cleaning services will come to your home and inspect before starting work. During this visit, they assess the drapes and work out the most appropriate solutions and methods to use. If you are opting for home cleaning, the drapery cleaning service carries out a pre-treatment on the drapes while they are still hanging. Apply spot treatment solution to visible stains. If the drapes can handle it, a powerful water extraction machine cleans the drapes.  The drapery cleaning service is the experts. They can advise what your drapes can and can’t handle.  If they are very delicate dry cleaning is carried out to avoid water damage. It is an expert’s job which a drapery cleaning service can handle. 

A drapery cleaning service follows the vacuuming by dry cleaning your drapes. It removes tiny particles that are embedded in the fabric and can pollute your environment. Your drapes will be clean and healthier after a visit from the drapery cleaning service.

The drapery cleaning service pays attention to the tops of the drapes where dirt lingers.


If you are redecorating or prefer a deeper clean, a drapery cleaning service can remove the drapes from your home and give them a premium dry cleaning. This treatment involves a pre-clean treatment, spot treatment of visible stains and then the super dry clean. It costs more, but for expensive or soiled drapes it’s a useful option. If you are employing a drapery cleaning service for the first time, you might as well go for it and get the diamond service.


The damp causes untold damage to anything in the close vicinity, and drapes are an easy target. Luckily a drapery cleaning service can work on this problem. If you see dust and mold embedded in your precious drapes, the drapery cleaning service will have clean and fresh in no time. The drapery cleaning service offers stain protection, and when a room is prone to damp, this is useful.



One uses upholstery in their homes. Whether we have leather or fabric upholstery, it attracts dirt, germs, and moisture.  Luckily, not all lost. Upholstery can be professionally cleaned and restored to its former glory. The professionals will also remove stains if possible. They can treat the upholstery with a stain guard which repels future spillages. After treatment, your upholstery and chairs will look and smell fresh and new. The process only takes hours. 

Leather upholstery is prone to cracking and dryness.  Professional cleaners address these issues and restore the leather upholstery to a healthier condition. 



Drapes, rugs, carpets, and upholstery are neglected in our homes when it comes to cleaning. They are some of the most used items in our house. It’s a treat for the home to get them cleaned and makes a refreshing difference. A carpet and rug cleaning service offer a way to revamp your carpets for a fraction of the cost of new carpets. One uses carpets so well that they discolor and deteriorate with dirt. Carpet cleaning services may give them a new lease on life. So, if you feel your home looks a little drab and needs a lift, it is highly advised to invest in some of the cleaning services that these companies offer.